be soft, with both collection for women and men, is the Brand specialized in the luxury market for socks and made in Italy.

The project of be soft:

The work done for the client was:

  • Design and architecture, this work was all about drawing all the links between the pages necessary to build the be soft’s website;
  • Creating the flow for the user, we analyzed the user experience in order to create an interface simple and easy to convert;
  • Theme, the website needed one and a unique style. The decisions taken were based on the brand Identity document, previous studied;
  • Creation of the be soft’s website, thanks to the WordPress platform we could build it (optimized also for a great experience on mobile);
  • Online content, one of the last step was to publish the content written;
  • SEO optimization, when the website was completed we could start working on the SEO for the search engines;
  • Creation of social accounts for a better digital communication (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest);
  • Editorial calendar to make things easier to understand and faster to publish, and of course managing;
  • Developing the social strategy and the community around the brand of be soft;
  • Growth and analysis of the data gained through the time (throughout search console and Google analytics).


The website was launched on 31 October 2018. Meanwhile, we started doing some cross building links in order to gain more exposure on the SERP, and other SEO strategies.

The main social channel is Instagram where we applied several tactics because we wanted to reach a higher brand awareness. The same goes for the Facebook account, where we are going to increase our focus due to the Business Manager platform, because we want to rise our budget on social advertising.


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