CercaOfficina is the first Italian website where you can find, compare quotes and book the best workshops for car, body parts, LPG, methane, tire repair.

The project of CercaOfficina:

Work plan was simply:

  • the design [with Adobe Illustrator] of the social account for digital communication (Instagram);
  • editorial planning of content publication;
  • creating content for the blog and other social media (videos and photos).


The main result obtained with the new graphics was:

  • an increase in the engagement;
  • the increase of the brand awareness in the Italian consumer market.

Also, if you want to read the written articles (are in Italian) visit: https://www.cercaofficina.it/blog/author/cosmin/

Below are the screenshots of the social account with the design (IG) and a screenshot of the page of the articles written.cercaofficina










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