Patente sospesa’s project is the first blog dedicated to suspended license in Italy. CiaoAldo Team created this blog because they saw an opportunity and a niche that was not satisfied.

We’ve created the blog and a strategy based on inbound marketing: creating mainly blog posts, on a weekly basis, to create a community and provide all the information needed.

The project of Patente Sospesa:

The work plan of the project done was:

  • Building of the platform for the blog throughout WordPress (optimised also for a good mobile experience);
  • Creation of the main social account for the digital communication and advertising (Facebook);
  • Developed a SEO strategy to reach as fast as possible the first page of Google;
  • Creating a editorial plan and the content;
  • Managing the growth and analysis of the data collected through time (from google search console and Analytics).


We’ve launched the platform on 24th July 2018. In the growth stage we connected with italian journals and we’ve got published on:

Today, on 22nd October 2018, the blog reached the first page on Google search.

Update on 03/Feb/2019

The blog of Patente Sospesa reached the first position within Google search, the organic search definitely increased in the last months.

Here are some of the data extracted from Google Search Console:

patente sospesa


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