ReCS Architects

ReCS Architects is an architectural firm that has offices in different parts of the world: Parma, Milan, Dubai (UAE 🇦🇪), China, Brazil 🇧🇷.

The studio needed a person to take care of managing Social accounts .

Project Details

Initially there was an analysis phase where I could see what kind of content the ReCS audience wanted. Then we created, together with the reference manager, an editorial calendar for the publication of the contents. This calendar was the phase following a content marketing strategy, that is to use the content to attract and grow the ReCS Architect brand. This strategy was chosen for the simple concept of attracting, rather than putting pressure on to increase notoriety.

As Giacomo Casanova said:

Be the flame and not the moth.

Why be the flame?

The flame indicates heat and a place to “take refuge”, light against the dark. The moth is attracted by these peculiarities, they make it and make it feel more “pampered”. This is what we are doing with the creation of content. We are creating value for all the people who have an interest in architecture, we do it through educational content.

Below you can see some of the contents created.



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