The Count’s Journal

This project stems from an experience, a concept and a goal.

The experience

In my first work experience I came into contact with personal development and all that is behind improving oneself. I started reading (which I didn’t do before) and acquire skills. This led me to make changes within my sphere of life.

The concept

What I could learn from my past was that the more you become the person you want to become, the happier you can be. I used the concepts and thoughts of successful people that inspired me the most, to create the ideal person I wanted and want to be. So, I created this figure of the Count, thanks also to other people, to enclose within a single word everything I want. The Count.

Count is not born, you do not become … being a Count is a way of life. Being a Count means knowing what you want, looking for it and not giving up. The Count is never vulgar, he is optimistic and loyal. It can often seem arrogant, but in reality his arrogance is only ambition, it becomes a way to hide the fears, which even a Count has, but exceeds thanks to the courage and strength he shows! A person who encourages others to be better and who gets better thanks to others! The Count is extreme in his choices and deeds … but because he knows that he must try and take risks in order to reach 100!

His motto is:

Fortuna audaces Iuvat – Fortune favours the bold

The goal

What I set myself during these years is to complete the long-term goal of being the Count. This will help anyone who is at my side. In fact, with this project, I’m going to tell a newspaper about what is needed and what I’m doing to improve myself.

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