Instagram Presets


As I mentioned in my First Instagram Live on my personal account (@cosminmesenschi) you can now DOWNLOAD the presets for Lightroom.

The presets are a simple way to improve a shot that you did and make it a little bit more “nice”, let’s say.

By adding one filter to your photo you can get the “blue tone” on your pictures like i have been using in my latest posts.

So… where is your present??

You just have to click on the image and the download will start. It’s a .ZIP file so you will need to extract the file after the download.

Here is it your Free Lightroom Preset.

free lightroom preset

Of course i will do as soon as possible a tutorial on how to install them. In case you need any kind of support, feel free to contact me via Instagram or via mail ([email protected]).

I will do my best to answer you as fast as Usain Bolt does. 😉

P.S. don’t do it from your phone because needs the laptop first!