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Facebook Advertising: attract new customer today

In this article you will:

  1. Recognize where we are and understand where to focus in the next months
  2. know how Facebook Advertising is going to help you to attract new customers or anything correlated.

Where are we?

The era of online advertising is now getting real for many brands around the world. Everything started from where the attention of the people is.

Nowadays, if you are not having any kind of digital space for yourself, well you are losing something (actually a big piece of the cake).

Listen, yes, I am saying this also because of my personal interest, but I am telling you how the things are and how you can take advantage of them.

First of all reality is: just look around you and you will notice!

Let’s make an example: you are going to the supermarket, you probably write your list of goods to buy on your phone and use Google Maps to reach the “jungle“, (I like to call it like that because I believe that at the beginning the jungle was where we were going to hunt for food and now the concept is the same but just applied to our century), and if you pay attention to all the people around you: they have their phone in their hands. It’s like sticking to your hands.


Because of this, it made me think a lot. If you now want to reach customers, well.. you have to understand the following points:

  1. Most of the people are on mobile, or at least the trend is going up;
  2. understand where your ideal customer is, where is he/she spending time online?;
  3. what are his/her interests, desires and passions.

According to sociologists, people have the need to be part of something, a community or a group. Social networks are a conglomerated group of people with one goal: be part of something and not feel alone.

So, meanwhile people are on socials also because of social proof, you as a business owner, you can deliver your message throughout social platforms.

Thanks to the latest news from F8, Facebook is going to push more on the communities and boost posts on groups. (This can make you think on where to focus next)

Facebook Advertising

So, why the hell the title of this article is Facebook Advertising when you are talking about something else?

Yeah, you’re right I am a bit too long and also I needed to give you context on how to be prepared for the second part of the article… The reason is really simple: dominance.

Facebook owns a huge slice of the market with its platforms. This makes him the dominant player in the game. You now have two choices:

  • watch the game as a spectator, being a normal user by consuming content;
  • be the player, where you produce content based on a Content Marketing Strategy.

You know pretty well, that if you want to give an organic message, this will take a huge time to be delivered. But, if you want to boost your efforts and reduce the time to reach your audience you can use Facebook Advertising.

By using this tool, which now is becoming even more simple to operate with, you can obtain a massive R.O.I.

You now might think, how to do that…

Here is what you need to know

For doing so, you need the following things:

  • contents to promote;
  • comprehend where is your customer;
  • understand how much you want to spend, what’s your budget?;
  • know how much is the value for acquiring a new customer for you;
  • what is your overall goal, what exactly you want to achieve.

Once you own all of this information, you can start by creating your ads. I advise you to create one campaign with different ads sets because it performs better.

The function of the algorithm

Throughout the system of Facebook Advertising, aka algorithm, it will place your ads in front of the people that Facebook thinks will respond to your ads.

Let’s make an example: today you are going to like on Facebook or/and on Instagram a post about an item of amazing furniture for your kitchen, in the following days you will like another post similar to the previous one. Now the algorithm knows what you like and based on this information it will display to your feed/story or whatever, an ad from a furniture store with products similar to what you have seen before.

That’s simply, in a few words, how the Facebook algorithm works. This isn’t enough because it is more complicated, but for now, it’s okay because it lets you understand.


As a final thought let’s recap what we have faced:

Where is your customer? And how is he/she behaving online? This is crucial for a better strategy to operate online. Once we know where and how they behave we can invest in Facebook Advertising by creating what our ideal customer wants. Thanks to our new awareness of the algorithm.

What have you understood from this article? and what are your thoughts? I would love your feedback so I can improve my next articles.

If you liked, please share with your business friend.

Thank you

Cosmin Mesenschi

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