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SEO vs Social Media

SEO vs Social Media

In this article, as you could see SEO vs Social Media, I am going to talk about the differences between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). 

What is Search Engine Optimization? 

SEO is a combination of all the techniques to optimize your website in a way that will increase its visibility on the search engine that you are optimizing, the most common is Google (every time I am going to refer to it).

What are the pillars of SEO? 

We can say that SEO has 3 main pillars that are at its base: 

  1. Content;
  2. On-Page SEO (plus Technical SEO);
  3. Off-Page SEO.

In the following section, I am going to analyze each one of them. 


I am pretty sure you heard the following saying: “Content is King”. 

Content is what puts everything in motion, without it you cannot go further in your growth, in whatever industry you want to grow. 

Imagine that you want to go from Milan to Rome, and you want to use a vehicle to reach your destination. Content is your vehicle, without it, you cannot go. 

It is really important to create your content for the right target market, for the right people and in the right way. There are many ways you can create content, in accordance with your goals and how you intend to reach your audience. 

There are various forms of content for example: 

  • Text, like articles, e-books, guides, books and many others;
  • Images, like photos, gifs, collages and so on;
  • Videos, like short interviews, movies and many more;
  • Audio, like podcasts or radio. 

Everything you create is content, but you need to give what your audience would like to hear from you or your brand. 

Remember: your content has to have context. Without it, your content could have no meaning.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is all the little optimizations that are happening on the website, the ones that you have control. I am going to make a list of them without going in-depth, just because this is not the right article for it. Let’s begin with the list:

  • Keywords on your page, or better saying on your website (what are the keywords that your target is typing when is looking for something?) There are good tools out there, like SEMRush, Google keyword planner and many more;
  • Use in an appropriate way all the titles on the page like H1, H2, H3, H4 and so on;
  • Keyword density not more than 5% (let’s say 2-3 times in the text);
  • Use similar keywords correlated to the main keyword;
  • Use the keywords in the first and in the last 100 words, they have to be bold or coloured;
  • Your page has to have links correlated in a natural way (not more than 3/4) to other internal pages, product pages and to head to other external pages;
  • Legibility:
    • limit the passive sentences;
    • short sentences;
    • use transitive words at the beginning of the sentence;
  • Use ALT text in the images that you have, try to optimize them by using different plugins;
  • Site speed, you can see through the following tool how fast your website is loading and what is slowing it (
  • And other technical things to optimize.

And I am sure there are more that I didn’t include. It would be nice if you can add a couple in the comments. 

Off-Page SEO

When we are talking about Off-Page SEO we are referring to all the activities that are outside of the website, all the connections that you want to have in order to grow. 

By connections, I mean all the websites that are giving a hint to your website with an endorsement (better known as a do-follow link). 

There are different techniques to get backlinks, ie authority websites that link to your website, like creating Press Releases, infographics and more.

What is Social Media Marketing? 

Social Media Marketing is the combination of all those marketing activities that are recurring on all the social platforms available today. By Marketing activities I mean actions such as marketing campaigns, promoting personal brands, products and be part of the conversation with your audience, or community.

In a few words, SMM is a kind of a blessing and a malediction this is because you can utilize it for your purposes like marketing and make the most out of it, as a distribution channel of your messages to your people or be controlled by this tool and throw all your time in the bin by not taking advantage of all the benefits that the platform offers. 

When I speak about throwing in the bin all the opportunities I mean to be focused on things that don’t matter at all, like getting more followers or likes at your content because once you are in this spiral it’s difficult to get out. By focusing on things that matter, like giving to your audience useful resources, information and value you will be able to increase your revenue. 

There are a lot of shades in social media and usually, we as people, focus on the ones that bring us the most immediate pleasure. By thinking for the long run, with long-term goals, you will be able to provide with what your community really wants. 

The success key of Social Media and any other marketing activity

I believe that we as humans create things in accordance with ourselves, this means that whatever we create will reflect part of us, like in this case social media. This tool, created by us, can be hacked because it’s something that we’ve built. 

Thus, all the things that are created by us in a certain way are working to hack us, but because we are in control of everything (if we really want) we can hack what we created to hack us… Does it make sense? So, because social media is a reflection of us we can take advantage by increasing our self-awareness. 

How do you do that? You start listening to yourself and what surrounds you. This is the key of social media or any other marketing activity: LISTEN.

The more you listen the more you can understand who you have in front of you and what are their needs, desired (this is in principles of marketing a book from Philip Kotler).

From Philip Kotler but re-written by me.

By the way, not that easy at it seems. 

We can conclude by saying that the difference is quite big, but at the end of the game, everyone has to do one thing: give the best experience to the user by providing enough value to make them come back to you: create and establish long term relationship with Trust. Listening is one of those actions that you can do to create that long term relationship.

SEO vs Social Media is only a way of seeing things that matter for your user, where are your people?

I would like to know your opinion on this and to create a little debate, let me know in the comments. 

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